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L i f e   S t r a t  e g y 


W H Y   C H E S S   ? 

Chess is such a broad educational platform that the game can be used to teach any number of lessons from ALGEBRA to CONFLICT RESOLUTION.  below are images of first, second and third grade children using chess to understand and algebra.


Algebra through chess.


Students taking the chessology class learn to understand algebra in an approach that makes algebra a tangible as opposed to a concept.  To be able to see and touch algebra brings this form of math beyond philosophy and into reality.     

Conflict resolution


Bullying is a very serious topic not to be under estimated.  The severity of this issue in our schools can reach far and wide if left unchecked.  At chessology we use chess to teach awareness of self, awareness of others, the repercussions and empact of our actions. 



Multiple variable equating


In a world of "if"s , "but"s and "maybe"s some decissions can be shrowded in gray area.   Students learn to process information in a linear fashion that "picks apart" the various factors to consider in any given decision.  Many of us will not go on to make a career for ourselves that requires a working knowlege of algebra, calculus or geometry but the dynamic of thinking in such a fashion is the importance of learning these subjects.  In Chessology these dynamics aren't at all intimidating.  They're just another fun game youth look forward to playing.

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