​C  H  E  S  S  O  L  O  G  Y        H  O  M  E        E  D  U  C  A  T  I  O  N 




Photo of student (Willow) and a screen shot of "recess" where students interact freely with each other before the lesson begins. 




C R I T I C A L   T H I N K I N G   A N D   M E T A - C O G N I T I O N   T H R O U G H   C H E S S 

What happens once I've signed up for classes?​

Once you have completed your registration and tuition payment you are confirmed for your regularly scheduled one-hour weekly class.  This class will be the same set time and day of the week per three month session. You will be billed for your next 3 month session roughly 2 weeks before your 3 month session ends.  Should you choose to continue, simply reconcile your payment and enjoy another 3 month session of classes.  

Example:  (Every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.) etc


Is this just a 3 month class?

Absolutely not.  The Chessology Critical Thinking Through Chess Class is every bit as exstensive as a math or science class. We accomidate all levels of game play and there is no end to the body of knowlege to be gained via this class.  


Can I sign up late in a session?
Sign up and join any class at any time.  Signing up for classes also grants you accesses to all recorded lessons in the 3-month session.  Each lesson covered in class is separately recorded with the viewer in mind. Sign up late?  No problem, simply view the lessons that you missed to get all caught up. Lessons are recorded and posted to the member’s area. 


Can the parents sit in on classes too?

We not only encourage it, we expect it.  We realize that home schooling families are used to a very hands on approach to the educational process.  You may not have the level of expertise as our chess coaches do so we prefer to look at our classes as a way to bring parent and child together introducing valuable information to the child and pointers to better instruct for the parent. 


How does billing work?  

When you have gotten towards the end of your 3-month session (generally two more weeks to go) you will receive a “Heads up” during class announcements just before the start of the days lesson 


Is there homework? 

There are homework assignments but not necessarily in the traditional since.  Assignments could be anything from finding all of your classmate’s geographic locations on a map, enabling parent and child to explore the world of geography together, or assigning number value to chess pieces allowing parent and child to explore mathematics.  Our aim is to be as creative as possible and bring excitement and a feeling of adventure to home learning.


Do you provide chessboards?

We provide chessboards as an option for those that do not already have a board at home.  A tournament regulation board is a must and if you do not have one we strongly recommend it.  (Complete with algebraic notations).  You have the option to purchase a regulation board from the the Chessology Store.


Do we need a webcam? 

You don’t exactly need a web cam but we’d like to create a since of community amongst Chessologists so we strongly recommend it.  It would be great if students traded ideas and help one another in and outside of the classroom.


How do I get in the classroom?

In order to report for class you need only go to the “WHERE” tab and select the home schooling sub menu option.  There you will find the “hall pass” button.  If a child’s name is listed amongst the students registered for that day and time entry will be granted. 


Is there any spamming in the class room?

Students are given constant access to text chat for posing and answering questions but the class atmosphere is one that makes it very unlikely for behaviors not conducive to learning as individual identity is also constantly acknowledged.


WIll regular internet be ok for Chessology classes?

Yes it is, but we've found that a wire connection works better then wifi.  You will only need an average Internet connection.


What's class like?

Your child will receive detailed lessons, become familiar, and play chess with the same classmates during your one-hour, weekly class.  The general class format consists of one half hour of lesson and one half hour of game play.  Students get to enjoy using what they have learned from the very first class.  There are aspects of the class where we will not adhere to this format, such as game show contests, the algebraic races, and special invited guests.

In the first half hour of class students will interact, exchange debate with on another during the group lesson.  Our online curriculum is the same as our classroom curriculum. 



Some portions of the Chessology Home Education Curriculum pertain to a soon to be released program called the "Focus Group" class.  In the second half hour of class all students are partnered up into "pods" to play each other while the instructor provides assistance and suggestions etc.  They will at this point communicate only with their opponent and the instructor.

Students will have a board set up in front of them and will move their pieces and their opponents pieces during game play.  This is made possible through algebraic notation (covered in class one) The computer screen is only the means of interfacing with the opponent at this point.  This way the lesson and game play is tangible, and touchable. (We prefer a Montessori approach even in this platform)

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