L i f e   S t r a t  e g y 


How engaging is a stuffy old chess class for a child with attention challenges?

​It's not a class it's a PERFORMANCE! There are elements of humor, and even physicality, you may not  expect a relay race or a game show complete with buzzers and bowties to take place in a chess class but we shake things up quite a bit.   

How can I track my child's development?


Our curriculum and schedule for your child's program is posted right here on the website.  For those parents that don't know how to play chess and want to gauge how well a child grasps the lessons, head on over to the how 2 gallery to get a feel for the game yourself  and run the same drills at home with your little budding genius.

How do I continue Chessology in the summer months?

We offer summer classes via your child's school and offer summer semi-private classes that maintain a six to one student/instructor ratios.  You also have the option to have one on one private lessons.   

Can I sit in on my child's classes!

THE MORE THE MERRIER! There is no greater pleasure for our coaches then to meet with parents that take a first hand interest in a child's development.  You are more then welcomed to sit in on every class.  Who knows maybe you'll pick up a thing or two yourself.​



You are financing an education in the total anual amount of $480.00.  This total amount is billed on a monthly basis in the amount of $48.00 per month.  Every month you will be contacted in advance via email, text, take home announcement or telephone. This contact method is depending upon effeciency or your school's individual prefferance for contact.  PLEASE NOT THE NUMBER OF CLASSES IN A GIVEN MONTH PLAYS NO FACTOR IN THE TUITION AMOUNT.


Reconciling your tuition puts your child on the attendance list for the next month of chess education.


In the event you are unable to reconcile this amount on it's due date you must directly communicate your desire to have your child remain in class so that he/she may be added to the new sessions attendance list.  


Please adjust your spam settings should you find that emails doesn't make it to you.

VERY Important points to know:

Tuition may be reconciled via the website, turned in to your child's teacher, the administration or the chessology drop box labeled “CHESS” depending upon your school.

Make checks and money orders payable to Chessology.

Please add your child's name and school to the "note" portion of any checks, money order or PayPal transaction.​

Those that registered late will only need to reconcile a prorated balance (please contact us @ 2CH-ESS-WIN1 in order to do so.)


WHAT IF MY child misses a class?  Chessology offers make up classes every saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. to make arrangements to attend contact Coach Atkins at 2CH-ESS-WIN1.


WHAT IF Chessology misses a schedualed class date?  Chessology has schedualed 2 days out of the school year that are "extra classes" that enable coaches to miss two dates.  Regardless of this Chessology will lengthen class times on schedualed days to compensate; and for those unable to attend exstended or weekend classes you have the option of schedualing an online class from the comfort of home.


CAN I sit in on class?  We'd be delighted to have you!  We have parents drop by all the time.  The more the merrier!


WHAT CAN I do to reinforce what's being taught in class?  The curriculum is listed on the currculum page and can be used as a guide at home.







Welcome to the world of CHESSOLOGY!  For any that are new to our program you may have questions about some particulars.  Try these frequently asked questions.  If you can't find what you're looking for here, don't hesitate to give us a call at 2CH-ESS-WIN1, head over to our contact page or email us at