At our philosophy of "CHESS IS LIFE" is the force behind our approach to instruction.  We offer a program that will not only teach a child to excel in the chess world, but we also tailor our instruction to address:   
Self Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Mathematics (Algebra)
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a mental ability that is a culmination of several different aptitudes.  In order to excel in or grasp the information and concepts behind even the most elementary cognitive feats or mathematic equations, seven types of mental ability are required: spatial aptitude, perceptive speed, reasoning, operant conditioning, creativity, observation analysis (or logic) and general intelligence.  There is a significant correlation between playing chess well and these seven mental abilities that reside over critical thinking.  A study conducted by Dr. Albert Frank at the Uni-Protestant School (now Lisanga School) in Kisangani, Zaire in 1973 proved that chess has a strong influence on the development of these seven mental abilities as well.  This study has lead to several developments in the world of chess in education.