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T H E   F I R S T   S E M I - A N N U A L  
AUGUST 26TH 2017
R E G I S T E R   N O W ! 



Does your school have an after school enrichment program?  If so feel free to add Chessology to your program for free!  Chessology will provide an entire school year of weekly chess instruction free of charge.  Simply complete a one page survey at the end of the school year about the quality of the experience and that's the only compensation we require! 




Try Home Education on your mobile device. 

Download the free app here to take chess classes on your mobile device. (ipod, ipad, ipad mini, and iphone)

Fox 5 News loves Chessology! 

Click to view Fox 5 News coverage of our young Chessologists hard at play on the Fox 5 website.

Help provide chess boards for chess students. 

The Chess Children Program donates time and learning materials to those less fortunate.

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